Investment planning

Your Investment planning should be as simple as it can be – but no simpler. If you are using a target-date mutual fund because “you don’t have time to worry about investing all the time” you are probably oversimplifying your investment plan and over-investing in low-yielding investments. This will make it harder for you to meet your goals. On the other hand, I’ve seen other investment plans that utilize 20 mutual funds to be diversified. This is overly complicated and probably means that you are paying too much in fees.

At Strong Back, we know that each of our clients has different goals and different risk tolerances. We have set up a baseline of 10 funds that can provide diversification and match anyone’s risk tolerance – we will just change what percentage we put in each fund.

For Clients who have a greater risk tolerance, Strong Back has developed a modified cost dollar averaging barometer that can exploit market swings to maximize returns. Strong Back also publishes a monthly newsletter with single stock and option picks that have seen gains between 80%-460% per year. These tools are available to all subscribers.

So whether you don’t have time to worry about investing or you want to turbocharge your investing – Strong Back have you covered with your Investment planning!