Make your Money work for you

People work decades to build a retirement nest egg only to realize that they spent their most active years working for their money instead of letting their money work for them.  We have all been told that contributing at least 10% of your income to your 401k or IRA is the minimum we must do to secure a good retirement.  Most retirement formulas estimate what percentage of income you want to spend in retirement and multiply that number against your expected life span.  The problem with this method is that it usually overestimates how much money is needed for savings.  Why would a mutual fund company want you to over save, or over purchase their products – could there be more money in it for them?


Don’t let this happen to you.  The average retirement portfolio grows as people age because we spend less as we grow older. We trade the bucket list for our regular restaurant and our favorite shows.  Most people are not climbing mountains or going on safari past age 75.   While it is imperative to have funds for your entire life, it is suboptimal to leave a large estate behind rather than using your savings to live a full, enjoyable life.  Having a massive estate while rocking on your back porch is a poor trade for a life without regrets.




Not only could you be saving more money than you will need for retirement, but you could also be squirreling money away in an inaccessible vehicle (401k and IRA) that discourages you from using that money for anything other than retirement.


So what, you say – if I have too much money I can always give it to my kids.  This is very nice, but you should know that the average age of someone inheriting money is well into their 60s.  Would it be better for a son or daughter to have $400,000 right before they are ready to retire (and probably have a nest egg themselves) or would it be better for your loved ones to have $100,000 in their 30s when they are looking to buy a house and settle down or start their own business?


At Strong Back, we have developed a multi-tranche savings theory that will ensure a comfortable retirement while freeing up funds to spend on a life worth enjoying.  The plan will provide a secure retirement that covers your essential needs but allow for adventures throughout your lifetime.  We think you should look back in retirement on a life well lived, rather than regretting all the time you worked to build a retirement account you now don’t have the energy to spend.  See how you can research your options at